Workshop Organizers

Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun ( is a Professor in the Institute of Education/Center for Teacher Education at the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, where he leads the Interactive Learning Technology and Motivation Lab (see He holds a doctoral degree in education and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Southern California. His major research interests are integrating various types of innovative technology-enabled feedback, including IRS, EEG bio-feedback, and online smart feedback, as well as investigating how these learning environments influence students’ motivation. In 2016, Dr. Sun received the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award for Research Excellence from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). His recent projects have focused on the development of interactive feedback technologies and the relevant teaching strategies, and investigated the effect on students’ motivation.

Sherry Yu-Hua Chen ( is currently working at the Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology, National Central University, Taiwan and was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Computing at Brunel University, UK. Since May 2010, she has been granted an Outstanding Scholar Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship (FAOS).

Hui-Chun Chu ( is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Information Management, Soochow University. Dr. Chu received her Ph.D. degree from the Department of Information and Learning Technology at National University of Tainan in Taiwan in July, 2009. Dr. Chu serves as an editorial board member and a reviewer for more than 15 academic journals. Her research interests include mobile and ubiquitous learning, game-based learning, information technology-applied instructions, and knowledge engineering in education. Dr. Chu has published 90 academic papers, including 40 academic journal papers in such professional journals as Computers & Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, Educational Technology & Society, and Electronic Library among others. Owing to her innovative inventions in e-learning, she received the annual Young Scholars Outstanding Researcher Award–Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014. Moreover, she served as the guest editor of the International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, and Interactive Learning Environments (SSCI) in 2013.

Hota Chia-Sheng Lin ( is currently a post-doctoral research associate inthe Institute of Education at the National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. His major research interests include data analysis, big data in education, e-learning, technology-enhanced learning, and flipped classrooms.